Raleigh NC Mobile Office

Raleigh Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used for so many things. We love using shipping containers for everything from onsite office space, mobile storage to moving storage. You can also use them for something as simple as a shed on your property and easily move them if you change residences. You will find so many great uses for your shipping container! Opportunities are endless with these very versatile boxes.

Sizes of Shipping Containers

Shipping ContainersShipping containers come in multiple sizes. We find the 20′ container to be the most popular container to use. A 20′ container will be an average size storage container for any common needs or a small office space on a worksite, such as in construction. Storage containers will be stored by a company stacked together if you are using them for storage. You will also find containers in 10′ and 40′ sizes. While these are not as common, they are still readily available and have their own uses. The 40’ can easily be used for large machinery or a large office space. The 10’ container makes a great shed or storage ‘box’ for moving. We suggest the 10′ or 20′ container for most people.

Are Storage Containers Secure?

You can trust a shipping container with all of your belongings. Storage containers easily protect belongings from human tampering, but they also withstand even the worst natural elements. You can also feel secure inside when using the container as a mobile office, which means you won’t have to run for cover in the event of a storm! Need some tips on mobile office organization? Check out these office organization tips. Containers are very secure and offer a safe space for your belongings and for individuals.

Mobile Offices in Raleigh, NC

We find so many excellent uses for storage containers. One of the best uses outside of moving or storage has been using it as a mobile office. Many industries rely on having employees working on job sites such as in construction or research. With the ability to add air conditioning and WiFi, we find mobile offices to be a great use of your storage container. Let Raleigh mobile offices help you get set up today!